General Introduction

Background of RiskChanges

RiskChanges aim to analyses multi-hazard risk in risk prone area. The tool includes several major features: multi-hazard, multiple assets, vulnerability database, multi-user, compare risk and spatial analysis. The multi-hazard feature performs the risk assessment for multiple natural and manmade hazards. Multiple assets feature allows to analyze the risk of multiple asset type with different spatial characteristic. The vulnerability database feature, give an access to the user to use and share physical vulnerability curve. The multiuser feature has the capacity to perform the risk assessment by multiple users, who can access the tool at the same time and the input data can be provided by different users for the same project. Compare risk feature conducts a comparison between current risk and future risk also different planning alternatives can be compared using this feature. And by using the spatial analysis feature the user can analyse the risk spatially through the web-based map interface. In general, the tool has three main components to conduct the multi-hazard risk assessment: data management, analysis, and visualization component.